Sewing plans – stashbusting edition

Despite my continued insistence that winter last forever, the proliferation of seasonal sewing planning posts doing the rounds has reminded me that summer is on its way (shudder). Here’s my contribution, with a bit of winter, a bit of summer, and mostly just trying to make plans with stash fabric that has been in my wardrobe for at least a year.

Winter witch from The Chronicles of Narnia.

1. Merino tops

Three tee sewing patterns with corresponding fabric.

Although my merino Paola Turtleneck Tee was destined for another wardrobe, I haven’t given up on merino jersey quite yet. I placed an order with New Zealand Merino and Fabrics for some 200gsm merino jersey in grey and blacj, destined fora plain long sleeve tee like this one from Ottobre 5/2015 (#8) and the high neck skivvy variation of the Pattern Fantastique Glacial Tee respectively.

Meanwhile, the remnants of the 180gsm ballet pink merino jersey from The Fabric Store were enough for me to eke out a casual summer tee: #1 Statement t-shirt from Ottobre 2/2017.

2. Some shirts

Four shirt sewing patterns with corresponding fabric.

I really enjoy a classic white button-up shirt, and ordered this stretch poplin from The Remnant Warehouse a while back with the intention of making Burda Three Quarter Blouse 06/2013 #119*. As the fabric is quite thick, I might either lengthen the sleeves or look for a longer sleeved variant to make it suitable for winter.

The two short sleeve shirts have been put on hold til the weather warms up: the Style Arc Blaire Shirt, in a cotton voile from the now-defunct Spotlight $2/m table, and the Style Arc Tilda Tunic Top, in a viscose/elastane jersey from The Remnant Warehouse. Honestly, this one might never eventuate, as the Tilda is not available as a PDF and I just can’t bring myself to buy a single-size paper pattern.

Gillian Anderson in The Fall wears a white wrap satin blouse.

Bottom right is my dream top: a silky blouse that Gillian Anderson would wear in The Fall**, made in mascarpone polyester satin from The Remnant Warehouse. The closest pattern I could find was the Style Arc Dotty Blouse, though I’ll have to omit that twist and add some sort of front hem. I also have to figure out how to sew slippery fabrics on my recalcitrant Janome, as it seems my former powerhouse Bernina has hit the dust.

3. Gorman style dresses

Two dress sewing patterns with corresponding fabric.

Now we’re really into the summer queue – blerg. This lovely circle print cotton lawn was also from the Spotlight $2/m sale, waiting patiently in my stash until I could find a pattern that mimicked the Gorman beach dress (below left). Luckily for me, Style Arc recently released their Lacey Dress, which is the closest pattern to the style I’ve seen yet. If the fit works, I’ll make it up in the lawn and some Cath Kidston homespun I bought on eBay for a song due to slight flaws.

4. Undecided plans
A dress sewing pattern with corresponding fabric. Two fabrics without matching pattern.
Wow look, a letter “T” symbolising a tee-shirt dress. How creative. And I wonder why I can’t find a basic tee dress pattern?

This is the wildcard section – projects which, for one reason or another, I’m not quite sure on. The first is the Burda Prairie Shirt Dress 04/2011 #107 in quilting cotton from my Spotlight steal. I’ve made the shirt variation of this dress and also altered it to a fitted shirt dress, but I’m not convinced the pleating my alterations added would work in such a stiff fabric. I might trace the larger size up and work from there.

The next is a tropical print cotton/spandex sateen (again, a Spotlight bargain), which I’ve been reserving for a casual tee dress. It seems ridiculous for such a simple style, but I haven’t yet found a pattern which would suit – any ideas? I’d like something with a bit of finesse, so it doesn’t just look like I traced an old RTW tee and lengthened it.

And lastly is this amazing/horrible Spotlight cotton poplin, in a lurid hot pink with carrot print. Obviously I had to buy it, but an appropriate project for such an out-there fabric completely eludes me!



*You have to check out the full fashion photo for this shirt, as featured in Burdastyle Modern Sewing: Wardrobe Essentials and shared by swarm of chickadees. The drama is pure Burda gold.

**Season 1 only, because WHAT THE FUCK GUYS.

Author: Siobhan S

30 something, living in country Australia. Spoonie profile: ME/CFS, dysautonomia, anxiety. All about sewing, knitting and food. Unapologetic disability advocate.

27 thoughts on “Sewing plans – stashbusting edition”

  1. Planning is fun, ignoring the plans is funner. Funnerer.
    Suggestion for the GA shirt, based on that lovely draped collar shape-Butterick 5785 is very very close. You’d need to add a shirt cuff is all. It’s a nice pattern, easy to FBA. I just adapted it to make a wedding coat for my friend…which will be blogged after the wedding!


    1. Ooo, that is a nice pattern. And the collar is perfect! I’ve actually got the Dotty Blouse in my pattern library, but will muslin it first and mark B5785 as a back-up if it doesn’t work out. Looking forward to seeing your version!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Seems you might be like me – My ability to buy fabric far out ways my ability to sew it!!!! I love the StyleArc Pattern, I have looked at Lacey a couple of times but can’t bring myself to buy a single sized pattern. I look forward to seeing what you make.


    1. I knew I had made a dress very similar to the Gorman beach dress (I had to google it as I couldn’t see it, so I hope I have it right) The waist is a little lower (it was the 80’s) and it has buttons down the back which you could easily cut on the fold instead. Remember that this old patterns run a bit smaller than they are today as well
      I have brought a pattern off these guys before they where unbelievably quick.


    2. Style Arc actually have an Etsy store where you can buy PDFs of their patterns in 3 size lots. They aren’t layered, more like single files, but it’s much preferable to the paper patterns. I believe you can buy multi-size patterns on Amazon but I’m not sure.


  3. Nice plan!
    I try to plan my sewing, but then got distracted and sew anything but what I planned!
    If you want a t-shirt dress, why not the one based on the Statement t-shirt from Ottobre 2/2017 ? I can’t remember it’s name (and my Ottobre is too far from me) but it’s easy to find the dress in it 🙂
    It seams to be a nice casual dress. I want to sew one myself… when it’ll come.


    1. It is a nice dress but a little too fitted for me. I enjoy planning but like yourself don’t tend to stick to my plans! It’s a good motivator for sewing other things haha


  4. Tee dress, ahem, can I just say Inari (please imagine me saying this while coughing into my hand as if I’m trying to get you to not hear me say it but also randomly hear that word in my cough.)
    With your Gillian shirt, I think there was a Sew Over It or similar brand shirt going round IPM16, perhaps even as part of the bundle sale. Might be worth checking out too.
    I’m looking forward to seeing all of these in fruition, and also excitedly checking my mail box every day!!!


    1. I was thinking something like Inari but not cocoon shape? And I can’t be bothered altering it lol. The Anderson blouse was based on my inspiration image but poorly executed IMO. I haven’t read a really positive review of it yet.


    1. Joining in because I have thoughts about the Anderson blouse 😉 It’s a pattern where I can definitely get the inspiration but when I think of the garment in action I see way too much potential for accidental flashing, mis-wrapping the front wrap, and all kinds of trouble round the office. But maybe that’s just me. I love Gillian Anderson but I kind of need the opposite vibe at work: no hints of sexy, just business in the front and in the back.


      1. That’s what I liked about Gillian Anderson’s wardrobe in The Fall – it was sexy while being entirely professional. I can see what they were aiming for with the Anderson Blouse, i.e. a beginner-friendly, easy to sew version inspired by her wardrobe, with lots of ease to negate fitting. It’s just not what I’m looking for.


  5. I love this post, Siobhan. And not just because I get a mention (thank you, I feel special, even if the wackiness is all Burda’s own :-)).

    Planning posts are really neat. They’re all about dreams and possibilities, and that utopia of endless sewing time. I love them because I get to plan and sew in my imagination, completely vicariously.

    I haven’t sewn a stitch in a while (can you tell?), so now I get to spin my own fantasy plans in relation to your plans. Having said that: I hope you get to sew as much of these as possible, because I really like your list. Especially the shirts and the shirtdress, obviously.


  6. Well, you sure have some great plans! and they all look terrific, I’m particularly interested though in the fate of that carrot print… IT’S SENSATIONAL. That is all.


  7. Terrific plans! You’ve done such a good job of finding patterns for fabric, I’m dying to see what you come up with for the pink-with-carrots. Perhaps a circle skirt is default option?


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