URGENT: flash sale at Lilu & Bey to aid Manus crisis (and other ways you can help)

Cat doll
Ginny the cat, on sale for $20

I, and many Australians, have been watching the human rights crisis unfold on Manus Island with horror. Refugees under the the “care” of the Australian government, who have been kept imprisoned in detention  centres for years, were abandoned with no food, water, or medicine. PNG police have been committing acts of brutality and violence against them – as we, the Australian public, have been for years with our complicity.

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So I watched Unrest

Omar Wasow carries his wife Jennifer Brea in a scene from Unrest.
There are many promotional stills from Unrest, but this gives me the most hope.

If you’ve been involved at all with the ME/CFS community, you will be well aware of the significance of the release of Unrest, the independent documentary by debut filmmaker Jennifer Brea about the illness. If not, it’s hard to overstate the important of this film for people with ME/CFS. Ours is a story that is not told in the mainstream media, or one that is so poorly represented that it usually makes a mockery of our lives. Continue reading “So I watched Unrest”

Refashioned jumpsuit

A few weeks back I bought this delish viscose jumpsuit at the op shop. I don’t know what I was thinking, really – I’m too tall for anything one-piece to fit me, and this was no exception. The jumpsuit gave me a mega-wedgie, front and back (you’re welcome for the visual), so I threw it in the donation pile.

Woman in short playsuit.
Staple the Label Qualia Playsuit. It definitely didn’t look like this on me!

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Hey fuckface, I can talk (and: on Autism Speaks)

The other week, I took a short trip to Aldi to nab some bargain merino tops (man, I love Aldi). As dad pushed me in my wheelchair to the cash register, I dumped my purchases on the counter, got out my wallet ready to pay, and smiled and made eye contact with the cashier. He promptly looked away from me to dad and asked, “how are you today?” The way he reacted, dad could have been pushing a trolley full of discount TVs instead of an actual person.*

Aldi store.
The place where dreams are made (usually).

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It wasn’t supposed to be like this

Warning: contains GIFs

It’s my 10 year high school reunion this weekend, which is a shitful time for anyone, let alone someone with a chronic illness. Just the thought of it acts as a reminder that my life is nowhere near where I thought it would be, or where I want it to be now.

Romy & Michele from Romy and Michele's High School Reunion
Everyone tells me I should Romy & Michele it, but I’ve actually never seen that movie (and don’t plan to).

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