Thinking about making

I was updating my Handmade Gallery page recently, and it got me thinking about my knitted and sewn output. (You can access my Handmade Gallery at the top of my blog – it’s a pictorial summary of everything I’ve made and posted on the blog to date.) Although I’ve a few garments made up and waiting to be photographed/blogged, so far this year my output is dramatically reduced from years previous.

It’s up in the corner there. I also have pages for Tips & Tutorials, and Resources including A Beginner’s Guide to ME/CFS, Electrolyte Drink Mega-Review, compression garments guide, and free vintage sewing and knitting patterns.

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Hansel Half Hap

Last I updated you on my knitting progress, my wrist was giving me trouble and preventing me from knitting. Well, it’s still giving me trouble, but not enough to stop me knitting. I’ve finally finished my Hansel Half Hap, a pattern by Gudrun Johnstone.

Siobhan stands against a garden fence. She wears a triangular handknit shawl across her shoulders; in beige with red, orange, yellow and grey/blue coloured lace stripes.

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