Top 5 Hits of 2019

2019 was a funny year – I only blogged 11 creations, so doing a Top 5 Hits and Top 5 Misses like I usually do would seem a little forced. With so few makes, I think I can probably just sort them into categories of “Hits”, “Misses” and “Unsure”. Without further adieu: Continue reading “Top 5 Hits of 2019”

My 30th birthday fundraiser

Emerge Australia logo

Hello, friends! I turn 30 very soon and would greatly appreciate if you could donate to my fundraiser for Emerge Australia. Emerge is the leading ME/CFS society in Australia and does so much good work for people with ME/CFS; both supporting them personally and advocating politically. In their own words:

Emerge Australia exists to give hope and help to people living with myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome.

Emerge have affected me personally through the support they offered both myself and my family when I was incredibly unwell. I have taken chronic illness management courses with them, and my family and I found their volunteer helpline and personal aid (I think now defunct?) invaluable during times of health crises.

In recent times, they have set up a telehealth nurse to offer free consults with ME/CFS patients, including helping with NDIS applications, and have also advocated for ME/CFS patients to be on List B for NDIS (their applications would carry more weight). This fundraising will also go towards developing GP education modules, one of which has just been released (so if you know a GP, let them know!).

1 in 100 Australians are estimated to have ME/CFS. 25% of people with ME/CFS are housebound/bedbound. 50 yrs as recognition as a neurological disorder by the World Health Organisation.

ME/CFS sorely lacks advocacy and research funding, so anything you can contribute would be welcome.

Donate here.

You can read more about Emerge on their website.


EDIT: I can’t see names on the donations, so if you’ve donated and want to let me know, please leave a comment!

Yet another Burda shirt, and RIP Burdastyle dot com

Note: I’m still catching up on my creations from 2019 – so bear with me, I think this is the last one!

Siobhan, a young white woman with short brown hair and tortoiseshell glasses, stands in an abundant garden arch. She wears a crisp button up shirt in a cream cotton with blue geometric patterning, slim black pants and leopard print loafers. She is smiling, and accompanied by a fluffy black and white cat.

What’s there to say about a pattern you’ve made over and over again? Well, about 1000 words, judging by this blog post! I’ve been sewing less lately, but in a more focused manner – creating those garments I’ll get a lot of wear out of, instead of one off fantasy items (Regency Gown and bonnet excluded!). This means button up shirts! Continue reading “Yet another Burda shirt, and RIP Burdastyle dot com”

How to make a Regency bonnet

Siobhan, a young white woman, stands in a garden archway. She wears a white, empire-waist Regency gown with gathered bodice and full skirt, with puff sleeves gathered to a cuff. The image is close up to show her straw and fabric bonnet that ties with a brown ribbon under the chin.

When I shared my Pride & Prejudice inspired Regency gown project, I said I’d go over making my bonnet in more detail. I can’t claim to have come up with the idea myself – I directly followed the instructions from Stephanie Johanesen’s YouTube tutorial, and the accompanying blog post from Better Dresses Vintage who also followed the video.

Continue reading “How to make a Regency bonnet”

A Regency gown fit for Lizzy Bennet

Happy new year! Let’s cast our minds back to October and my much preferred holiday, Halloween. My friends and I planned to have a quiet morning tea* wearing costumes, which naturally I wanted to make myself. I was quite pleased with the end result, so prepare for lots of pictures!

Siobhan, a young white woman, stands in a garden archway. She wears a white, empire-waist Regency gown with gathered bodice and full skirt, with puff sleeves gathered to a cuff. She has short purple lacey gloves, a fan, and a straw and fabric bonnet.
Spoiler alert: this is what I made.

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