Sewing window face masks

Siobhan wear three different face masks with varying styles and fit.
L-R: SSOL Smile Mask, Rebirth Garments face mask with window, Cricut mask with window.

Yes, I know. I’m probably the last person in the world to jump on the mask-sewing bandwagon. Why now? After a brief, hopeful period that Australia would go the same way as New Zealand in eliminating the virus, it seems that we are in a full-blown second wave, led by my state of Victoria.

It’s largely concentrated in Melbourne but there are some cases in regional Victoria where I live, and the state government has suggested wearing cloth masks were social distancing can’t be observed (mandated in Melbourne).

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Outlander-inspired shawl and mitts; and a note on Ravelry

What does one do when one’s best friend is an avid Outlander fan, and her first overseas trip EVER to Scotland was postponed due to COVID-19? Knit her an Outlander-inspired shawl and mitten set that Claire Fraser would be proud to wear.

A cropped photo showing a person wearing bulky handknit fingerless mitts and matching shawl in grey and navy yarn.

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