I changed my domain name

So, um. This is probably something I should have announced before I did it, so, you know, people who subscribed to my previous domain name could see it. But anyway. I let my subscription to WordPress.com go, and that includes any kind of domain name registration and mapping. So I’m now on a free plan, at chronicallysiobhan.wordpress.com, rather than chronicallysiobhan.com.

Kombucha lady meme. Woman has disapproving face next to text "chronicallysiobhan.com". Woman has mildly approving face next to text "chronicallysiobhan.wordpress.com".

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A few more electrolyte drinks

It’s been a while since I updated my Electrolyte Drink Mega-Review. As you may know, electrolyte drinks are first-line treatment for POTS and some other forms of dysautonomia. So I collated the sodium content, sugar content and approx. cost per litre in a handy table, accompanied by some written reviews.

Shotz electrolyte tablets in a tube, with heading Electrolyte Drink Mega-Review.
It’s in my sidebar and everything.

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I was accepted by the NDIS

Warning: contains GIFs

Basically what the title says! After years of waiting and applying and providing evidence and having multiple breakdowns because of it, I’m finally part of the NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme, basically now the only way for disabled people to access social supports in Australia).

I received my “access request met” letter a few months ago, but couldn’t bring myself to announce it here in case it was some elaborate hoax. I’m still half certain that there is someone hiding behind the bushes out front, waiting for the day I expect a support to arrive so they can leap out with video camera in hand, yelling “PUNK’D!”*

GIF: woman in Nick show leans back in her seat and exclaims with hand gestures,


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