Top 5 Hits of 2019

2019 was a funny year – I only blogged 11 creations, so doing a Top 5 Hits and Top 5 Misses like I usually do would seem a little forced. With so few makes, I think I can probably just sort them into categories of “Hits”, “Misses” and “Unsure”. Without further adieu:


My Regency Gown

Siobhan, a young white woman, stands in a garden archway. She wears a white, empire-waist Regency gown with gathered bodice and full skirt, with puff sleeves gathered to a cuff. She has short purple lacey gloves, a fan, and a straw and fabric bonnet.

This was my first time making a costume, and it was so much fun! I can see why people get so into cosplay. I sort-of drafted the pattern based on a Regency pattern template, and would not recommend it. Starting with an existing pattern that actually fitted would be much easier! Anyway, it was a good learning experience and very low-cost, being made mostly from sheets. (PS: I made my bonnet too!)
Blog post: A Regency gown fit for Lizzy Bennet
Also: How to make a Regency bonnet

Burda long sleeved blouse 04/2010 #114

Siobhan, a young white woman with short brown hair, tortoiseshell glasses and a hot pink cane, stands in an abundant garden arch. She wears a crisp button up shirt in a cream cotton with blue geometric patterning, slim black pants and leopard print loafers. She is smiling.

I feel like it’s kinda cheating seeing as this pattern has made it into at least 2 previous Top 5s, but I guess that’s a testament to its excellence! This time I really refined the fit by slightly altering the cuff length. It is a pattern I’m sure to make again. This was also a year we said goodbye to, and my pattern library and volume of reviews contained therein. Why Burda would wipe that website clean without preserving user data is beyond me.
Blog post: Yet another Burda shirt, and RIP Burdastyle dot com

Style Arc Elle Pant with Airlie pocket

Siobhan stands in front of a garden fence. She wears slim fit black pants with hard-to-notice front pockets, striped white and navy short sleeve tee and silver runners. Her hands are in the pant pockets.

This is another repeat offender, but hey, Style Arc do a good pants pattern. For this particular pair, I added a pocket from the Style Arc Airlie pant pattern, which was challenging to sew but sleek and practical to wear. Bengaline is my favourite fabric for pants in the summer: cool and stretchy but not too lightweight. Again, there’s sure to be more of these.
Blog post: Style Arc Elle / Airlie Pant

Burda Tie Front Blouse 10/2010 #118B

Siobhan stands in front of a blue weatherboard wall. She wears an earthy brown, fern-print short sleeve blouse with comically large bow at neck. She is smiling.

Another Burda pattern. Hey, I’m predictable! This was actually the first top pattern (and possibly the first pattern?) I ever made, which of course was a total disaster. This time round, I used an appropriate-weight fabric, and I just love the result. I didn’t have enough fabric for a full bow, so it’s extra but not too full-on. The colours and style are just so me that I get compliments every time I wear this. A total success in my books!
Blog post: Burda Tie Front Blouse 10/2010 #118B

Kelbourne Woolens February Hat

Siobhan stands in front of a weatherboard wall, wearing a grey handknit textured hat, similar style scarf, and plain grey handknit jumper. She is turned to the side to showcase the hat patterns..

I genuinely adore all of Kelbourne Woolens’ Year of Hats series, but the February Hat caught my attention for its simple-yet-effective purl and knit patterns. I used some leftover KnitPicks Swish DK (merino), and it’s both lovely to knit with and wear. This was by far my most worn hat this winter, and I look forward to knitting more from the Year of Hats. (They’re free!)
Blog post: Merino February Hat

Cheating: Maria Denmark self-drafted stretch skirt

Siobhan stands in front of a weatherboard house. She wears a drop shoulder knit tee with grey/black striped body and concrete grey neckband and sleeves, with black straight knee length skirt, black leggings and ankle boots. She is smiling.

OK, I know this is 6 but with 11 makes I couldn’t possibly leave any out! This is a super-simple self drafted skirt made from leftover bengaline (my favourite of all the stretchy fabrics). It’s lightweight, so the elastic doesn’t need to be so tight to hold it up, and it’s stretchy so it’s easy to wear and moves with my body. This is basically the only skirt I wear now! (That top, on the other hand…)
Blog post: Sew Over It Molly Top and Maria Denmark self-drafted stretch skirt


6/11 isn’t bad, I don’t think! Next time: misses and unsure.


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Author: Siobhan S

30 something, living in country Australia. Spoonie profile: ME/CFS, dysautonomia, anxiety. All about sewing, knitting and food. Unapologetic disability advocate.

14 thoughts on “Top 5 Hits of 2019”

      1. Yeah! Although they are still on the german site. Someone on IG sent me links so i could see the ‘real ppl makes’ of that lace wedding dress. I managed to search it for another pattern too…

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  1. Such beautiful outfits! I really love the Regency gown – it so pretty and unique! I hope you are well today xx sending love ❤

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  2. YES! Such goodies!!! Your Regency gown is really awesome and the bonnet is even better! 😀

    Love the Burda shirt (of course!) but I luuuuuuuurve that tie front blouse! The fabric and fit are just perfect.

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